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Ron’s Values

Ron has established an impeccable reputation for being true to his values in football and in life. His vision to see what needs to be done, his passion and drive to make things happen, have inspired media and public fascination for more than 60 years.

Ron is admired for:

Straight talking and stands up for what he believes.

A man of his word who values respect and fair play.

Humble in victory and gracious in defeat. 

Known for his fierce determination on and off the field. At age 72 he chased down a thug who had punched a woman in the street. 

He gives credit to luck and good mentors for his achievements. And he appreciates the support of football fans and players of all levels who make elite sport possible. 

Having a go
Ron loves a challenge and has done just about everything – trekked Kokoda, cycled across Outer Mongolia, crewed under skipper John Bertrand at Hamilton Island Yacht Race week, skydiving; he’s abseiled down the side of a Melbourne office building and even walked on water (at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games opening ceremony)! 

Giving back
A great believer in giving back to the community which made his success possible, Ron has contributed to many individuals, organisations and causes throughout his life. These include:

  • All levels of Australian football – grassroots, country, international.
  • Legacy, supporting the families of incapacitated or deceased defence force veterans.
  • Bluearth, addressing obesity through a fun, physical activity program in schools.

Ron is renowned for:

Elite performance under pressure 
He played or coached in 17 grand finals for 10 premierships by the age of 41. It was in the furnace of finals football where his reputation for elite performance was forged.   
Meticulous preparation
In Ron’s own words, “’Practice makes perfect’ is rubbish. Perfect practice makes perfect. The same principle applies to attention to every detail.”

Ron has always been ahead of his time. As a player Ron replaced his pre-game meal with protein shakes, wore white boots, was an early supporter of a national competition and international initiatives. To get a better view, Ron swapped the coach’s bench on the boundary line for a coach’s box up in the stands. He looked for recruits in Ireland and the USA. He read widely learning from coaches of other sports. He’s involved in the development of a revolutionary football boot – Concave.

Team and club building 
As a coach, he was the prime mover who took his clubs from disarray to the heights of success. Uncompromising in setting and maintaining standards, he created momentum around which new teams and club cultures were reborn. 

For more than 50 years his passion fuelled the fire of the dressing room, on the ground, at three quarter time huddles – and at 1000 corporate and community speaking engagements across Australia.

Star power
Ron brings an aura to any occasion. His movie idol good looks and sense of fun have lit up screens since TV came to Australia in the 50’s. 

Ron is renowned for being a legend.

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